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Drugs! (257/365)

September 14, 2015 - My poor guy is still struggling with back pain.... I hate it when he hurts. :(

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What are you waiting for?

The imagery is all sports related, but the words are of relevance to life in general. What are your goals and dreams? Do you even know? Have you made the [...]

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Why English is hard to learn

I spent a lot of years in a lab at UBC that saw a large number of visiting researchers and students from other parts of the world. Those years gave [...]

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50 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier (ReBlog)

A wonderful post I found on a friends Facebook Timeline and worth saving. This is all straightforward logic, nothing earth shattering, revolutionary, not information you need to pay someone to [...]

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An interesting year, a fascinating decade

It's been an interesting year, and a fascinating decade. The past decade brought a lot of things. I distinctly recall standing in line at Home Depot the week before New [...]

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