It’s Just a Cold!!

I have a cold. Just a cold. Not the plague. I am not Typhoid Mary. I am not spreading death and destruction with each cough. I do not have H1N1!!!

And […]

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Run for the Cure.

Sunday was the CIBC Run For the Cure and it was the first time I’ve been involved in a fundraising event since I did the Swim-a-thon…and that was a very, […]

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Anatomy of a Cold

I hate colds, well who doesn’t really. But I also find them rather fascinating. I never quite know what each cold will turn into. I have several variants, two of […]

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A new pair of ankles!

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Butt, butt, butt….

I can’t speak to the addiction that I know smokers have, except that it’s an expensive one (financially and physiologically). I’ve never smoked in my life, except for all that […]

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