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This is my home….

I have always felt that I live in the most beautiful place on earth. I know I can't really make that claim given that I haven't been everywhere else in [...]

November 5th, 2014|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|0 Comments

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Fantastic footage, amazing dedication to a skill, and beautiful scenery. Some of us get on a bicycle sometimes, and then some people seem to use a bicycle like an extra [...]

October 5th, 2014|Worth Watching|4 Comments

Stop and look around

I came across a video on Facebook this morning and it gave me pause for thought. We are so busy thinking about ourselves, our wants, our own happiness... and when [...]

July 31st, 2014|Just Thinking, Worth Watching|0 Comments

Solar Freaking Roadways!

How cool would this be!! At first I was thinking, no way, would only work for six months of the year up north...but then they responded to that. Very very, [...]

May 24th, 2014|Worth Watching|0 Comments

Sucks to live here ;)

Do you ever watch a short video that just gives you goosebumps and makes you go "YEAH! I live here!!!" This works for me. Shot all around Vancouver, not all [...]

October 26th, 2013|Worth Watching|7 Comments