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This is my home….

I have always felt that I live in the most beautiful place on earth. I know I can’t really make that claim given that I haven’t been everywhere else in the world, but I still […]

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Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Fantastic footage, amazing dedication to a skill, and beautiful scenery. Some of us get on a bicycle sometimes, and then some people seem to use a bicycle like an extra limb.

Pretty trick move jumping the […]

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Stop and look around

I came across a video on Facebook this morning and it gave me pause for thought. We are so busy thinking about ourselves, our wants, our own happiness… and when we walk down the street […]

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Solar Freaking Roadways!

How cool would this be!!

At first I was thinking, no way, would only work for six months of the year up north…but then they responded to that.

Very very, cool idea and I can’t help but […]

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Sucks to live here ;)

Do you ever watch a short video that just gives you goosebumps and makes you go “YEAH! I live here!!!”

This works for me. Shot all around Vancouver, not all of the Lower Mainland, but closer […]

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