Photo a Day – 2011

I decided to carry on with a second 365 project after I finished up the 2010 run. Take a photo every day, it is challenging and has turned into an interesting visual and written journal.

Day 365 – A Two-fer and a Look Back Over the Year.

(#1) Why bread? My first photo of the year was yeast (…). A magical organism that brings us wondrous things such as beer, wine, and bread. Thus, it seemed logical that the last photo of […]

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52-52-2011: Camera Geek!

Like I have anything to say. Like any of us on Flickr have anything to say. I’ve spent the year staring through the lens, the last two actually, and so this somehow seemed like an […]

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Day 364 – Companionship

An idea blatantly stolen from a Flickr contact (but I did tell her I was going to be a thief). Her Daily Challenge a few days ago was “What Money Can’t Buy” and her […]

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Day 363 – Hugs & Kisses

Like I said yesterday, the stockings are terrible things because they come filled with all the treats we know are terrible for us and we generally stay away from all year long. I absolutely love […]

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Day 362 – Swim …… Be Free!

Once a year we buy each other things we wouldn’t normally buy and stuff each other’s Christmas stockings with them. For me, one treat is goldfish crackers. Don’t ask me why, but I love them! […]

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