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52-52-2014: Mom and the Christmas Pudding

December 25, 2014 – Mom seems to stick around at Christmas…like an old Christmas Pudding….
Mom came to stay with us for Christmas in 2011, and out of her old brown suitcase, which was held together with an old belt so that … in her words…” she wouldn’t arrive to find her underwear strewn around the inside of the luggage compartment of the bus…” she pulled a semi-circular object wrapped in cheesecloth and cling film inside two zip-lok baggies. When we looked at it suspiciously, she announced that it was Christmas pudding! […]

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35-52-2014: Taste Summer

August 31, 2014 – I don’t know why, but when September is looming only hours away, I always start to think of the season as fall, even though there are still three weeks of summer […]

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25-52-2014 – Summer is Officially Here!

June 22, 2014 – The best thing about summer is the fresh bounty that can be found at the local fruit-stands.

I spent every summer of my youth on my grandparents farm and orchard and while […]

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24-52-2014: Fresh from the garden

June 15, 2014 – I can’t wait until the renovation is over and I can wash salad greens in a kitchen sink rather than in the bathroom. What a pain! But we are getting there. […]

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13-52-2014: Fresh Baked

March 30, 2014 – Once is luck, twice is interesting, but three times…when you manage to do something perfectly three times in a row… now you have a pattern :)
A few weeks ago I bought […]

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