I’m not sure either, but it ends up with a lot of police cars on site.


Last night, just as we were drifting off to sleep, we heard some running feet and some banging. We looked out to see three cars and about 6 teenagers putting tires in their trunks. They all jumped in and peeled off. We scratched our heads for a moment or two. There is a Kal Tire behind us, but it’s well alarmed (they’ve been broken into before) and there is always a big pile of tires in the alley, old tires to be recycled….

We couldn’t figure out why these kids would be taking them…but whatever, so we turned out the lights and rolled over.

Moments later we heard more cars whizzing by….looked out and there were at least 5 vehicles zipping around, two kids jumped out and the cars zipped away, one kid pulled out his cell phone and started making calls…..we started to get suspicious….three cars zipped back and parked and 6-8 kids went running down the side of the building into the alley…tires started to emerge again….
OK, time to call the police! Maybe Kal Tire has been broken into. Kirk called and started describing the make and model of every vehicle (good thing too…with me it would have been red truck, blue car…etc). Several vehicles left, full of tires, then the first police car arrived, then about 5 more.

Sirens blaring, lights blazing….the neighbourhood looked on. An unsuspecting couple in the wrong place at the wrong time were frozen in their pickup in the thick of it all.

After a bit of conversation, it turns out it was all a high school prank. The kids apoligized for waking us up, the police made them put the tires back and said there was another group up at the high school and they were heading up there next.

So, in the end, no crime committed….but what I want to know is…what the heck did they want with a pile of old, used tires!?!?!


Apparently the Great Tire Theft was part of a high school challenge rally. The students challenge each other to perform certain tasks, pranks etc, if they do, they receive points.

The students were supposed to collect 75 tires and spread them over the field at Sutherland High School.

Well, glad that’s cleared up….I was very confused