Day 348 - Angels in the Tree

348/365 (December 14, 2010) – At least the living room looks like Christmas, because there isn’t anything remotely festive about the weather outside.

My stupidly expensive waterproof riding boots blew a zipper after only a few weeks, then were repaired, and now the repair has failed. I took the opportunity of a momentary break in the weather to ride the scooter across town and drop the boots off…again, before just making it back to the North Shore before the showers started. Figured I’d hole up in the mall for a couple of hours and do a bit of shopping. When I was ready to leave I stuck my head out and it was dark and pouring. Waited a bit longer….seemed to be getting worse. Finally gave up and figured a short wet ride home would be preferable to going anywhere else, at least I can dry off and warm up there. Miserable ride.

Arrived home to find the Christmas tree had developed a significant list. Not sure if it is cat induced or not…. there is a reason all of the ornaments are non-breakable.

Took a picture, left the tree alone to sort out later, made a hot cup of tea and plunked myself down in front of the heater.