(235/366) Enjoy Here

August 22, 2012 – A quote I always loved was “Wherever you go, there you are” it is the title of a book on mindful meditation by Jon Kabut-Zinn that I read back in the early 1990’s. Sometimes we so desperately want to be “there” that we forget to appreciate “here”. And “here” is often pretty fabulous if you stop and look at it.

The photo was taken from the Queen of Oak Bay on the way to Vancouver Island this evening. I am on my way up Island for work tomorrow. I spent the day out in the Mission area, and rode the motorcycle for that trip. But my back was giving me some grief, and the fact that I knew I probably wouldn’t make the 5:20PM ferry meant that I’d be doing the last hour and a bit in the dark, and knowing that the area is heavy in the deer department, so I gave in to better judgement (and Kirk’s request) and left the bike at home and drove the truck instead.

On the way across, the evening was so fabulous that I didn’t even go up to the passenger deck, I just hung out on the car deck and enjoyed the sunset and the solitude. And while down there I posted to Facebook that I was Island-bound and generated some conversation, and an invitation by friends for a nightcap on their sailboat, currently docked at the marina in Comox! I had no idea they were in the area, and it was a most pleasant surprise. So after a bit of dialogue on where exactly to find them, we connected and enjoyed a short visit before I went on my way to find my hotel just around the corner in Courtenay.

I love surprises like that!

“Here” is pretty awesome šŸ™‚