(218/366) Watching and Waiting

August 5, 2012 – It is obscenely hot for the West Coast. We are wimps here, we figure that because we live in a temperature climate, we should really stay temperate all year round. And I’m a Northern girl, even when it got hot or cold (and it really got cold where I grew up, like really, really cold) it was dry, no humidity, so for some strange reason, it was tolerable. Toss in a smidge of humidity and I find it unbearable. Which is to say I become a bit of a snippy bitch.

We took an incredibly hot ride out to Chilliwack this afternoon and spent a couple of hours out at Greg Moore where the Nationals races were taking place. We took the back route, and as usual I was made to ride point. Problem is that once I hit Agassiz I had no idea where to go. So after riding another 20 minutes or so after an already uncomfortably hot hour and a half, I finally pulled over and started snarking about the heat, that I didn’t know where the heck I was going, and that I shouldn’t have worn my textile pants because they didn’t provide any padding against the hardness of my motorcycle seat. Kirk said “Don’t get mad at me” I said,”I’m not mad at you, I’m just mad! And hot, and sore.” He pulled out a bottle of water, shook out a couple of pain killers, and told me to go stand in the shade. In other words, he was politely telling me to stop being a bitch.

I don’t do heat well. Or crowds. Or hunger.

Am I grateful to have such a patient guy?

You bet!

So, after I had a long drink of ice cold water, a couple of pain killers, and I provided an apology, I put him out front and we flailed our way into and through Chilliwack and found our way to the track where, thankfully, we hadn’t missed everything. It was the first time we’d been back since Kirk crashed out there back in April/May and shattered his collarbone.

It was hot as Hades out there, but the racers were full tilt on the smoking hot track. Honestly, I think I love the kids races the best. Such focus on them. This little guy raced in the age 6-9 class a little bit later on. Kudos to him, because according to the track staff, the track temperature was 55C.

Too hot for us! Oh to be young and resilient again…..

We briefly visited with the racer who had provided Kirk the bike he’d crashed on back in May, Kirk proudly displayed his scar. And Roland suggested that he would enjoy an opportunity to spend a couple of hours with us on the track in the fall and teach us more about the track, and show us how to read lines. It sounds like a great idea, we’d love to and hope to have the chance to do so. Incredibly generous offer.

On another note, I discovered something today though. I have full leathers, leather/textile combo gear, and full textiles. I opted for the full textiles today and, in the end (no pun intended), decided that it was a poor choice on the bike. I bought those primarily for the scooter, but thought with the heat today that they were a better choice. I haven’t ever really complained about the stock seat on my motorcycle, but it was horrible today. And I realized that both my leather and leather/textile blend pants have padding in the butt. So it’s not that my seat isn’t hard as a rock, it’s that I usually have an extra layer of padding between me and it. And I didn’t today. So I’m thinking a little harder about that gel seat for my SV.

Either that or I’ll just go back to my leather & textile blend pants. That would be cheaper, and ventilation-wise, I don’t think they are that different.

I have more photos from today, but my computer is also not enjoying the heat, and I can’t stand the heat of it on me anymore. So I’ll process them tomorrow, maybe.