(189/366) Together Again!

July 7, 2012 – Kirk had a physiotherapist appointment today, at 11:30pm. Put a bit of a crimp into being able to plan to get out on the boat. When he tried to leave, the truck started, but it wouldn’t move. The front brakes seemed to be locked, wouldn’t go anywhere. Weird. He’d washed it the night before, and then parked it. Nothing unusual, nothing out of the ordinary.

So he had to come back in, change the appointment to later, and take Pee Wee (my scoot) instead. I geared up and rode with him on my motorcycle, then went for a ride alone while he with the therapist. After he proved he had the strength to do pushups, the physiotherapist told him he could ride again, but to take it easy and not push it.


Once we both got home, Kirk called a tow truck and had the Tacoma towed down to the dealership (still under warranty, and still under Toyota’s Roadside Assistance program). Once that was out of the way, the afternoon was pretty much shot, so we jumped on the bikes and had an easy ride to find an early dinner and a beer somewhere. Then a stop for a coffee and a sweet out in Horseshoe Bay, then an easy ride home with a stop in Ambleside to enjoy the late evening sunshine.

Didn’t make it to the boat, hopefully tomorrow, but it was so nice to have my riding buddy back again!