(183/366) Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2012 – We usually spend at least part of Canada Day down at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver, but this year we changed it up a bit. We hopped on the scooter (after properly flagging it with a Canadian Flag on the top box) and headed downtown to enjoy the giant street party at Canada Place. The Olympic torch had been relit in Jack Poole Plaza, and the streets were jammed to capacity with smiling faces sporting temporary maple leaf tattoos. Canada flags were tucked into ponytails, hats, glasses, and back pockets. Street hockey games were underway, kids being cheered by onlookers. Mouthwatering smells emanated from food vendors lining the streets. Fabulous bands played at many locations – Celtic, Latin, African – all paying homage to this wonderful multicultural nation that is our shared home. And we repeatedly ran into a couple that we know in that mass of Canada Day revellers. Always amazing how paths can cross int he most crowded of places.

As we listened to an African band playing on the stage at Jack Poole Plaza I saw this little boy. He was intently studying a paper flag he was holding. He was rolling it up, and then suddenly he started waving it wildly. It was so cute. You have to love the uninhibited joy of children at the smallest of things. We have so much wonder beat out of us as we grow up. I think we need to learn to grow back down and experience those small wonders again. Laughter and happiness are so simple, we just lose sight of them in our misplaced emphasis on success, prosperity, and advancement.

It was funny. This morning it was dark and grey, and as the morning wore on, it got darker. The forecast for the weekend was wet. Then the radio announcer came on and said we would see sun in the afternoon. We both looked out the window and wondered what he poured on his breakfast cereal! Oh us of little faith! The sun crept out from behind those dark clouds and lit up and warmed up the late afternoon.

It was a fabulous gift to a city sick of being drenched in rain.

Happy Canada Day Everyone! I hope you waved a flag and celebrated this huge and wonderful country filled with so many fabulous people.

I see you seeing me!Jack Poole Plaza