(181/366) Blissful Evenings

June 29, 2012 – After Kirk finished working today he decided it was a great day to install the new pre-amp and amplifiers he ordered out of the States, and which arrived today. Like a kid at Christmas, it meant that it HAD to be assembled. Of course that meant disassembling everything else. So out came reams of wire, every stitch of audio and visual gear. (For those of you that don’t know, Kirk is a major audio/visual nerd. He used to install home theatre systems and now designs systems and wholesales equipment). So before long, every spare surface in our little condo was covered with gear, wire, boxes, etc.

I’ve been terribly good since his accident. I’ve restrained my riding since I feel guilty if I don’t. So my riding has been restricted to work related trips, and almost every one of those has ended up wet. But a wet ride is better than no ride, so I’ve been taking what I could get. Sure, I ride the scoot to work most days, but the poor bike has been neglected.

So, since he was otherwise occupied in stereo-land, I geared up and got out for a couple of hours. Not far, just to Squamish and back, with a side trip down through the old highway and along Marine Drive from Horseshoe Bay on the way home. Strangely, there were more riders on that stretch of road than the Sea to Sky.

I did stop in at Porteau Cove to take in the failing light and enjoy the quiet of the calm waters of Howe Sound. A peaceful evening at Porteau Cove Makes for a nice spot to reflect. The light was gentle this evening, it peeked out from behind the clouds like a shy child, so I applied an Orton Effect to the image to try and capture that feeling. Sometimes the camera sees things too clearly and a little bit of softness is a nice change of pace.

And when I got home, the condo was still a disaster. Oh well, he’s having fun and I had a dry ride for a change.

Happy Friday.