(161/366) Loki Ginorma-Foot!

June 9, 2012 – I had a new all-season riding jacket to pick up in the USA today (it was ordered to replace two others and make a bit more room in the closet). I didn’t really feel like going down, and the weather was a little threatening on the North Shore this morning. But the shipping company isn’t open tomorrow, and I can’t get down again until next weekend, so I hopped on the bike, and Kirk jumped in the truck (he still can’t ride because of his shoulder) and down we went to pick it up and have a bit of lunch.

As the day went on, the weather just got nicer and nicer and it turned into a good ride in the end. And no drivers tried to kill me! Bonus! I did suck in a good quantity of cottonwood fluff when I rode through a cloud of it with my visor cracked open – it worked like a vacuum cleaner and sucked it in most effectively. The stuff went up my nose, stuck to my lip gloss, attached to my eyelashes, and those bits that didn’t glue themselves to some part of my face, whizzed around inside the helmet.

When we came home, the sun was streaming in the living room windows and the cats were soaking it up. The life of a house cat!

I love how the camera makes his foot look huge!