Crystal Ball (39/365)
Fall Lake

Friday Afternoon Silliness (114/365)

April 24, 2014 – After spending the day with me doing our taxes and Kirk working, we went for a walk but had to duck out of a heavy rain/hailstorm for a bit.

And what’s a girl stuck under the overhang of an empty building, waiting for the storm to pass, […]

Don’t Cry! (113/365)

April 23, 2015 – A long day today and at the end of it…my brain just feels fried so I couldn’t come up with anything inspired. It’s a crappy shot, but that’s just the way it goes some days.

I thought about taking a photo of my radishes coming up in […]

Earth Day (112/365)

April 22, 2015 – I was out in the field all day today but when I got home I was lucky enough to find a tiny patch of sunshine left in the yard.
Given the day, this seemed appropriate.
Happy Earth Day.

Ring Ring!! (111/365)

April 21, 2015 – I miss the old telephones. The ones with the rotary dial, that gave you a sense of satisfaction when you were mad and slammed the receiver down.

I also liked the days that the phone was tethered to the wall and when you went out, you were […]

Stacked (110/365)

April 20, 2015 – Once upon a time we had patterned dishes.

Then one day I just got tired of them.

I didn’t want fancy patterns, no gilded rims.

So I got rid of the patterned dishes.

I just wanted plain, simple, white dishes.


I don’t know, probably because I think food is beautiful and […]

A Cube Composed of Spheres (109/365)

April 19, 2015 – Addictive little magnetic beads…..these bucky-balls kinda reminds me of the Borg…..

I hate people who come over and mess up my perfect little cube…because then I have to fix it.

If you are thinking that I’m a little OCD….

…. I resemble that remark!

Sadly, you can’t buy these little […]

“We’re entitled to our own opinions. We are not entitled to our own facts.” — Unknown

“Do what is right, not what is easy.” – Unknown

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